Carpet Aftercare

Bowling carpets are delicate items and should be handled with care!

The above three carpets should be rolled with the playing surface on the outside.

The carpets should be rolled tightly around the centre tube.
If the carpet starts to 'bag' or 'telescope' unroll it and start again.

Once the mat is tightly rolled up, roll it onto the felt wrapper and fasten the Velcro® tabs.

The stiff felt, which has a flame retardant composition, will protect the carpet from accidental damage.

All of our carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis using an upright, domestic vacuum cleaner only.

Most dirty marks can be removed with a damp cloth and household detergent.

For advice on more stubborn stains please call our sales office.
In the unlikely event of minor delamination at the ends of the carpet, which may occur if our recommendations are not heeded, a repair should be carried out as soon as possible using Copydex or equivalent adhesive.

A loose comer provides a temptation for users to pull at the carpet, aggravating the problem.

Prevention at an early stage is prudent.


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